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    XpertiseNow launches in Indonesia

    Business advisory platform XpertiseNow is launching in the Indonesian market with an initial seven services on its unique network-based platform.

    Singapore-based XpertiseNow commenced operations in early 2020. The company is rolling out a multi-country platform to connect businesses with an ecosystem of specialist consultancies and expert advisors on its intelligent platform. XpertiseNow connects companies with the best expertise and solutions along with timely value-driven results for their digital transformation initiatives.

    After a tough year for most, Indonesia is on the road of recovery. With the lowest interest rates for a long time and consumer confidence up, the economy is starting to tick again. Car sales are up for the first time in a year and the traffic is starting to build to its normal snail’s pace. The central bank forecasts that GDP growth for Indonesia will be better than for most Asian countries.

    Life and the way Indonesians do business may never be the same again due to the COVID pandemic. This has led to the rise of many so-called technology unicorns, many of which are currently battling it out to be the first dual-listed start-up on the Indonesian and the New York stock exchanges. The increased activity and the new business models are forcing many companies to explore new ways of building, working, and delivering. This presents a great opportunity for advisory businesses to help Indonesia get on its feet again.

    “The business advisory market is ripe for disruption. The big consulting firms have driven digital disruption across all sectors, now the industry itself is undergoing a transformation that has long been deferred. The big players are weighed down by hierarchical, unproductive and costly structures. Top consultants are trapped in selling large projects to keep armies of juniors busy and too many administrative tasks instead of advising clients directly. This is sub-optimal for both clients and the top consultants,” XpertiseNow co-founder and chief executive Fraser Ross said.

    The global consulting industry is worth almost US$300 billion and is expected to continue growing at a rate of 4-5 percent, according to Beroe Inc., a procurement intelligence firm. The Asia Pacific market is growing at 6–7 percent annually valued at US$44 billion.

    Clients in Indonesia increasingly want access to real and global expertise and the best new technology solutions. They want better time to market and lower costs than major consultancies charge, as well as a critical local understanding of Indonesia’s unique business environment.

    XpertiseNow is the platform of choice for specialist consultancies and experienced advisory experts. It aims to give them the best technologies and solutions, as well as the ability to collaborate both locally and globally, so they can compete with the big players to work with clients to deliver optimum solutions and value.

    The landscape of the consulting industry is changing rapidly, with incumbents seeing their competitive positions eroded by new digital solutions, alternative staffing models, and growing internal expertise. New platforms and sophisticated data aggregators are also enabling the democratisation of consulting knowledge. The XpertiseNow platform provides specialist consultancies and its advisors with a suite of software tools to scale their businesses, equipping them with smart products and solutions as they work to solve their clients’ business challenges.

    “Technology product and solution marketplaces are already emerging with artificial intelligence becoming a key enabler in the ongoing digitisation of business advisory services. Together, our platform and network of experts and solutions offer a truly unique and disruptive model for providing the best advice in the market,” XpertiseNow co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Sundi Balu said.

    “The XpertiseNow platform seeks to solve the current frustrations that businesses have with larger consultancies due to their high costs, long time frames, and lack of business familiarity and agility. Many companies would prefer to use smaller, more flexible specialist consultancies and experts if they were easier to source and manage.”

    XpertiseNow has been working with Indonesia based advisors identify the right services for the launch in Indonesia.

    XpertiseNow will commence with the following Services: Digital Telecommunications, Integrated Procurement, Business Expansion and Human Capital (StrategArt), Digital Enablement (Haxtech), Digital Wealth Management (NewWealth), Customer Experience and Design (Psykhe), and Corporate Governance and Sustainability.


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