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Why use XpertiseNow?

We connect you directly with specialist advisors to bring you experienced, independent expertise and curated smart solutions, powered by an intuitive platform

An advisory network

We give you easy access to the latest insights and analysis, and direct access to a global technology-driven network of expertise and solutions.

Advisors with experience

We give you direct access to advisors and teams with years of specialized capabilities and industry expertise, vetted by experienced professionals.

Enabled by technology

We provide the smart technology and solutions to support our advisors and teams in solving your most pressing business challenges.

Our Xpertise

We are creating an ecosystem of specialist advisors that delivers deep experience and expertise to solve business problems across a range of capabilities and industries. These are our areas of expertise:

Digital Telecommunications
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Customer Experience & Design
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Digital Procurement
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Corporate Governance & Sustainability
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Why join XpertiseNow?

We are creating a global network of advisors and teams to collaborate on the most interesting corporate challenges, using the latest smart technologies.

Supporting your business

Our mission is to help you grow and scale your business. Gain access to a platform that provides marketing support and easy-to-use business tools.

Join an advisory network

Extend your value proposition and geographical reach. Manage your existing client relationships and get access to more interesting and challenging opportunities.

Collaborate and thrive

Work with other experienced advisors to solve complex business problems. Use superior technologies and solutions to deliver better outcomes.