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    Network-based advisory start-up XpertiseNow adds senior executives to team

    Corporates are frustrated with high and rising costs of the large consultancies. The consulting industry landscape is changing rapidly with the rise of specialist consultancies, digital solutions, alternative staffing models, and growing internal expertise. The large consultancies’ answer is more consolidation, but they struggle with inefficiencies, a lack of flexibility and are weighed down by hierarchical, unproductive and costly structures. 

    XpertiseNow is a smart platform that is fundamentally changing the way corporates engage and collaborate with specialist consultancies and solutions from across the globe. 

    A EIU Research Paper (2018) — Re-imagining Professional Services — found that “82% of large businesses and respondents expect that five years from now, specialist providers will be more valuable to their business than providers with a broad range of capabilities”. 

     “We are already working with some exciting specialist consultancies, solution providers and partners and talking to many more to see how we best support their success” co-founder and CEO Fraser Ross said. 

    “Great leaders and teams achieve great things. We have come a long way in the last 18 months from a simple start up idea to opening XN in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, with plans to launch in Hong Kong at the end of June, the US at the end of September, and the UK by the end of the year. My co-founder Sundi Balu and I are most excited about the team and leaders who have decided to invest their valuable time and resources in XN,” Ross said. 

    One of Australia’s leading strategic creative thinkers for brand and experience Nicola Mansfield is joining the platform with her boutique advisory business The Design Thinkers as Brand Advisor to XN.   

    Also, Consulting and IT industry veteran Lawrence Owen has joined the team as our Chief Client Officer. Lawrence was previously CCO for Minter Ellison and a Partner in IBM and PwC.  

    Nicola and Lawrence join Fraser and Sundi based in Singapore and the existing XN leadership team of: 

    Erik Koenen (Strategy and Indonesia Advisor, ex-Deloitte Partner, IBM, and Booz & Co), 

    Chris Wilson (Strategy Advisor, ex-IBM IX MD, ANZ & Deloitte Partner), 

    Allan Forbes (Australian CEO, ex-McKinsey/Partners in Performance), 

    Hema Thiagarajah (Experience & Design, ex-Pyskhe, Deloitte Digital and Adjunct Lecturer, NUS)  

    Michael Sainsbury (Marketing & Communications, ex-New Corp) 

    Truminds Software Systems is our development partner in India. 

    “We will also have some very exciting news regarding new leadership for our Singapore, Hong Kong and the US operations shortly,” Ross said. 


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