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    Frequently asked questions

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    XpertiseNow is a smart, trusted platform that connects businesses with consultancies using intelligent solutions to deliver better results. We connect clients to a network of specialists they can trust, and it allows consultancies to deliver smarter solutions, more quickly. We make it easy for our network of specialist consultancies to collaborate. Our intelligent solutions augment your human intelligence, and our platform allows you to streamline business management to reduce costs.

    By joining XpertiseNow, you gain access to our global network that enables you to collaborate with specialists and win more work. The platform also gives you access to a full suite of solutions that enable you to manage your specialist consultancy easily. From the management of your sales pipeline, to project management tools, to invoicing and billing, we aim to simplify the back-end office tasks to ensure that you are focused on what you do best — solving your clients’ toughest business challenges.

    Head on over to our Contact Us page and fill in your enquiry details. Our Customer Support team will contact you within 24 hours.

    Yes, we have different pricing plans and offer a 3-month and a 1-month free trial. Please head on over to our Contact Us page and fill in your enquiry details. Our Customer Support team will contact you within 24 hours with details on our pricings and free trial offers.

    Yes, we have help desk support and we are in the process of building our training programs. Please head on over to our Contact Us page for support and fill in your enquiry details. Our Customer Support team will contact you within 24 hours.

    Yes, canceling your subscription is available when necessary. Please inform the Country Leader as your main person in contact and we will process your request to delete your account within 24 hours.

    Yes, it is. Designed to provide an intuitive end-to-end experience for our users. We will have a platform walkthrough by our Customer Support team when you first come on board, with a tailored onboarding experience, we will take you through the platform from the setting up of a profile, managing your team and clients, to the creation of new projects, and finally managing your business performance.


    The XpertiseNow platform makes it easy for our network of specialist consultancies to collaborate and win more work, deliver smarter answers to client problems, streamline business costs, and profitably grow their businesses.

    • Win more work – XpertiseNow creates more opportunities with introductions for clients looking for specialist consultancies as well as referrals from within our global network. The platform enables you to track the progress of your opportunities with your collaborators, maintaining momentum and managing client relationships. Businesses can explore the specialist consultancies in the platform to find potential collaborators and extend your range of service offers.

    • Smarter delivery – We help you streamline your project delivery through our integrated tools, exclusive insights and solutions, and best practices templates. Manage your project and team activity with a task register and send alerts when deadlines draw near. Assess the project status and budget by comparing allocated with actual time. Our platform helps you ensures the project risks and issues are identified and properly managed.

    • Improve profitability – The XpertiseNow platform with integrated resource utilization, invoicing, billing and payments allows you to access a dashboard as a central control for your finance and resources. We help you track your business performance, manage your risk register, and ensure growth for your specialist consultancy through our lifetime utilization and margin reporting. From managing your risk register, viewing financials, and managing your team across different geographies, we make it easy for you to know how your business is tracking and grow your specialist consultancy.

    We are combining different SaaS solutions to deliver the best integrated experience for your business.

    Principals of a specialist consultancy can invite experts from other specialist consultancies to collaborate on a project. You can also receive requests from other specialist consultancies to collaborate on their projects. You can collaborate on opportunities to win more work together and deliver projects together too.

    You will obtain new opportunities through collaboration with other specialist consultancies. We are building our client engagement portal to give clients ability to sources, assess, and engage specialist consultancies.

    Yes, you can. However, only the individuals who have accounts with XpertiseNow will have access to the platform, including pipeline management, project management, timesheets, invoicing, and access to new opportunities.

    By displaying your specialist consultancy’s details and adding your experts to the platform, other specialist consultancies are able to gain more insight about how you can partner with them on their opportunities and projects, creating a network effect that continues to grow as more quality consultancies sign up to the platform.

    Data management

    Yes, you own your data and no other users can see your data.

    Your data is secured under AWS instance in the US in the underlying SaaS platforms (Salesforce, Wrike and Xero—US Region). Please refer to our security & compliance section for details on how your data is being protected.

    You will be able to access and download your data, but we are still in the process of building this capability and aiming to release by Q1 2023.

    Your data will be available for you to offload, but there might be additional charges depending on the volume of your data and the approach to offload.

    Yes, you can. Please contact our HelpDesk at enquiry@xpertisenow.com and advise the name of your specialist consultancy, the software solutions you currently use, and the types of data you will be migrating to the platform. Our team will contact you within 24 hours. There might be an additional charge depending on type and scale of data to be migrated.

    Security and Compliance

    Yes. All stored data is encrypted and all the data exchanged over internet is a secured HTTPS. We are in the process of obtaining ISO 270001 certification in Q1 2023.

    We use the following SaaS solutions: Salesforce, Wrike, Zero, XERO which are GDPR ISO 27001 certified. We are currently in the process of getting a separately applying for ISO 27001 certification.

    All data is controlled through User Access Management, managed by AWS Cognito. The platform administrator ensures that only authorized users and specialist consultancies can see their own data and projects.

    We conduct regular cyber security assessments including VAPT. The VAPT testing is based on the best practices of NIST SP 800-115 technical guide to information security testing and assessment of federal information, OWASP top ten and OWASP ASVS 4.0.2, and Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES). We also have procedures to handle exceptional cyber security incidents.


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